Slushie Machine with Syrup


2 flavour syrups included.

Frozen cocktails are an exciting way to spice up your next party. We supply slushie machines with two flavour syrups of your choice provided free of charge (extra syrups can also be provided and any unopened bottles can be returned for full refund). Our customers are constantly surprised by the popularity of frozen cocktail machines at parties, and not just during the summer months.

Two litre bottles of syrup each make approximately 10 or 11 litres of slush, (slightly more if you choose to add your own alcohol) which is approximately 40- 50 glasses (depending upon cup size).

The machine rental includes two bottles of syrup. Additional bottles can be supplied and any unopened full bottles can be returned to us after the party for a full refund.​

Our two bowl machines hold approximately 12 litres per side.

Flavour List:​

You can add virtually any spirit you like to any slushie flavour, but most work best with a clear spirit like vodka, white rum, or tequila.​

Blue Lagoon (Blue Curacao orange, pineapple & coconut): Suggested spirit: Vodka​
Caribbean Crush (tropical blend) Suggested spirit: White Rum
​Cola: You might like to add bourbon or rum.
Cosmopolitan (cranberry, orange & lime) Suggested spirit: Vodka
Fruit Tingle: Suggested spirit: Vodka
Lemon Margarita: Suggested spirit: Tequila
Mango Daiquiri: Suggested spirit: White Rum
Mellusion (melon & pineapple) Suggested spirit: Vodka
Sex on The Beach (cranberry, peach & orange) Suggested spirit: Vodka
Strawberry Daiquiri: Suggested spirit: White Rum


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