Festoon Lights


Our high quality retro festoon lights are a fabulous way to create that vintage party atmosphere you're looking for.

You can buy cheap low voltage festoon lights on the internet; but you probably shouldn't. We quickly stopped buying them because they only seemed to last a few uses before breaking. Cheap festoon strings also put out so little light, you'll need extra lighting from another source so that your guests don't trip over things (which rather ruins the effect you are trying to get from installing festoon lights.) Lastly, cheap low voltage lights just look cheap when placed beside quality festoon lights.

Each string includes 20 x low energy round LED globes with your choice of clear or frosted bulbs. Using low energy LED bulbs is important because they are MUCH cooler than old fashioned incandescent bulbs which can be a fire risk. Low energy is important too if you want to run several strings of lights from the one power outlet.

We use high quality 4.5W globes which are warm white for that lovely mellow glow - (2700K colour temperature). Each bulb is 250 lumens so a string of 20 bulbs provides enough light to dine by.

Each fitting has small holes for ease of installation. They can easily be hung with string, cable ties or duct tape if you prefer.

Each string of 20 bulbs;

  • Total set length 20m
  • Plug to first light 2.6m
  • First light to last light 17.1m
  • Light spacing 0.9m
  • Last light to end: 0.3m

Australian Standards Approved & Certified. IP23 weather resistant rating. The fittings have little rubber weather seals on them so the sets can be positioned outdoors in the rain. The manufacturer recommends that the globe holders be positioned facing downwards and they should be not be left installed for prolonged periods with direct exposure to the weather. The power plug can be connected to a weatherproof power point or other power socket/extension cord as long as the connection is under shelter.

Check with your electrician, but each bulb only draws 25mA, so you should be able to run several strings off the one powerboard without causing overloading.

We also rent beautiful bamboo poles for supporting the lights, and portable generators if you intend using the lights away from a power source.


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