Slushie Syrup


Our slushie machines are provided with two bottles of syrup, but for bigger parties you might want more. At the end of your event, if you have any unopened additional bottles, we will happily take them back and provide a full refund.

You can add virtually any spirit you like to any slushie flavour, but most work best with a clear spirit like vodka, white rum, or tequila.​

Blue Lagoon (Blue Curacao orange, pineapple & coconut): Suggested spirit: Vodka​
Caribbean Crush (tropical blend) Suggested spirit: White Rum
​Cola: You might like to add bourbon or rum.
Cosmopolitan (cranberry, orange & lime) Suggested spirit: Vodka
Fruit Tingle: Suggested spirit: Vodka
Lemon Margarita: Suggested spirit: Tequila
Mango Daiquiri: Suggested spirit: White Rum
Mellusion (melon & pineapple) Suggested spirit: Vodka
Sex on The Beach (cranberry, peach & orange) Suggested spirit: Vodka
Strawberry Daiquiri: Suggested spirit: White Rum


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