Deliveries and Pickups

We currently only accept delivery orders; pickup and drop-off to our warehouse is not available.

To help keep your event within budget, we provide two levels of delivery service:

Standard Delivery

This is our most common service. We charge a low fixed fee for the delivery and pickup of your items. To keep the cost to a minimum for this service the following conditions must be met:

  • The point of delivery must be within approximately 3m of a place that we can safely access with a light delivery truck. This service does not include carrying the items into your premises.
  • Your delivery address must be within 80km of Brisbane CBD.
  • We will deliver and collect your items, between 8am-6pm, within two days of the start and end of your event (excluding Sundays and public holidays). The time of delivery and pickup will be scheduled in coordination with other orders in your area so we cannot always guarantee a particular time for this service (although will always do our best to accommodate any particular requirements you may have). We can leave the items and collect them from a safe location at your property (within 3m of our truck) so you don't need to be there for the delivery or collection (see below exception).
  • This service only includes one delivery driver. If your order includes heavy items (e.g. marquees or rustic wooden tables) you will need to be available to assist with the loading and unloading of these items. In this case we will call contact you to schedule a particular delivery and pickup time.
  • If you would like our delivery driver to let you know when they are on the way to your location, please advise our customer service team. Feel free to email or call us at any time to get an ETA.

The items must be neatly placed in a safe location within 3m of the nearest light truck access ready for pickup from 8am on the next business day after your event.

Premium Delivery

If our Standard Delivery service doesn't suit your requirements, then we are happy to provide a quote for additional support during the delivery and collection of your items. The additional charge will be based on an estimate of the staff hours required beyond the time allocated for a Standard Delivery at a rate of $55/hour (double time after 6pm or on Sundays/public holidays). Typically this service is used in the following situations

  • You require your items delivered or picked up after 6pm or on a Sunday/public holiday.
  • Your delivery address is beyond 80km of Brisbane CBD ($2/km beyond 80km plus Standard Delivery fee).
  • You need the items carried beyond 3m from the truck or into your premises.
  • Heavy items are included in your order (e.g. marquees and rustic wooden tables) and you are not available to assist with unloading and loading (we will send an additional staff member on the delivery).
  • You need the items setup (e.g. chairs placed around or collected from around a room, a marquee erected, festoon lights placed in or taken down from a tree).
  • Cleanup is required by our staff prior to collection.

Additional Unquoted Charges

Please note that additional charges (calculated as the number of additional staff hours required at a rate of $55/hour, double time after 6pm or on Sundays/public holidays) will apply in the case that items are not ready for collection as per the terms of your Standard or Premium delivery service.

Condition of Items for Return

Please note the following requirements for your items to be returned:

  • Items should be neatly stacked together (except in cases where our Premium Delivery service includes additional labour to collect items from around the event space).
  • Dinnerware and glassware must be free of food scraps but do not need to be washed (we do this before all deliveries).
  • Linen does not need to be washed (we do this before all deliveries).