Plastic Trestle Table


Various sizes available.

The budget option and the best way to go if you intend to use a linen table cloth to give a formal, classy feel to your event.

Our sturdy plastic trestle tables are available in three sizes:

  • 1.2m x 60.5cm (seats 2 per side)
  • 1.8m x 76cm (seats 3 per side)
  • 2.4m x 76cm(seats 4 per side)

People dining generally need about 60cm of room at the table. A trestle that is 1.8M long can fit 3 people along each side, and one person at the head and the foot of the table at a pinch.

A trestle that is 2.4M long will fit 4 people along each side, and one at the head and foot of the table at a pinch.

For comfortable dining, trestles should be at least 65cm wide, but you may want them wider if you plan to have a lot of decorations in the centre of the table. If you require a wider table, our rustic timber tables are 90cm wide.

Trestles can of course be butted together to make long rows if you wish but please note the 1.2m long trestle is only 60.5 cm wide which may be important to you if you intend to butt it up against a longer trestle.


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