Outdoor Dance/Marquee Floor Panels


These panels look great as either an outdoor dance floor or marquee flooring.

Our versatile outdoor floors, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, withstand energetic dance crowds. The interlocking panels allow for various configurations and sizes.

When used indoors, place them on carpet to avoid slipping on surfaces like tiles. Carpet tiles can be added for surface protection. The lightweight outdoor dance floor is easy to install on short, level grass.

Panels comes in black or white, and you can create a classic checkerboard look with a combination. Each square is approximately 92cm by 92cm. For a 4.5m square dance floor (about 22m²), use 5 panels by 5 panels (25 panels total).

We also rent indoor dance floor panels.

Price includes our staff installing and removing the dance floor from your event space on delivery/collection.


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